Our Work

SmokeFree Idaho

We work in communities across the state to help improve health and provide smoke free environments for everyone

Smoke Free Communities

We’ve been working with public officials, health experts, and community leaders across Idaho to promote more smoke free cities. Idaho only covers approximately 13% of workers under smoke free workplace laws.

Smoking Costs

Smoking costs, regardless of status as a smoker or non-smoker, all Idahoans pay for the harmful impacts of smoking. We want to eliminate these costs, along with the terrible health impacts of secondhand smoke.

  • Annual health care costs in Idaho caused by smoking, $508 million
  • Productivity losses in Idaho caused by smoking, $433.9 million
  • State and federal tax burden per household from smoking caused government expenditures, $901
  • Tobacco industry marketing in Idaho each year, $44.9 million
  • Idaho adult smoking rate, 15.3%
  • Idaho high school students smoking rate, 4.6%
  • Idaho high school students electronic tobacco and nicotine product use rate, 19.6%