SmokeFree Idaho

All Idahoans should be protected from the hazards of secondhand smoke

Comprehensive SmokeFree Air

State law currently provides some protections from the health risks of secondhand smoke. However, not everyone is protected from the risks of cancer, heart disease, asthma, and other chronic health conditions caused by secondhand smoke. Comprehensive smoke free air provides clean air environments for all community members.

Title 39, Chapter 55 Idaho Code is the Clean Indoor Air Act, updates to this statute removing current exemptions would help provide protection for all Idahoans. Ordinances at the local level would support these efforts.

Clearing the Air

  • Secondhand smoke causes serious diseases and premature death among nonsmokers, that’s why all public spaces should be smoke free.
  • Children are disproportionately exposed and impacted by secondhand smoke.
  • Smoke free air policies cover all tobacco and nicotine products, including electronic cigarettes and other products that produce an aerosol consisting of fine particles (not water vapor) which contain varying amounts of toxic chemicals linked to heart disease, respiratory illness, and cancer.
  • The health and productivity costs of secondhand smoke impact everyone, and no one should have to choose between a good job and good health