Smokefree Idaho is thrilled to announce The Pocket—a popular bar in Pocatello—will be converting to a smokefree bar at the start of the New Year.

Over their years in business, managing member Angelina Guzman has had employees get sick on the job, have to go home early, dread coming to work and even quit because of the smoky air in the bar.

The Guzman and Hernandez families that own The Pocket, reached out to Smokefree Idaho to come and educate bar workers about the benefits of going smokefree and was able to answer questions and offer support during the transition.

After a complete re-model of the bar, owners said they were not interested in the toxic chemicals seeping into new carpets or paint and looked forward to a clean bar with a healthy atmosphere.

The bar will officially go Smokefree on January 2 with a smokefree celebration party kicking off on Saturday, January 5.  The event will feature a dart tournament, horseshoe throwing, beer pong, great music, snacks, drinks and of course, pool.

Join the party and support The Pocket by visiting them at 655 N. 5th St. in Pocatello.