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Idaho Falls Volunteer Training

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Smokefree Idaho’s second volunteer training  is around the corner. All volunteers are invited to attend this training, Wednesday, April 10, at Eastern Idaho Public Health District building (1250 Hollipark, Idaho Falls). The training will focus on the dangers of secondhand smoke, Idaho’s smoking laws and how our community can help protect all workers from secondhand […]

Ketchum Drafts Smokefree Ordinance

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Four members of the Smokefree Idaho team traveled to Ketchum this week for a Ketchum City Council work meeting where converting to a smokefree city was considered. The team was met by a vocal group of smokefree advocates. After a quick introduction by the city council, Smokefree Idaho educated the council on the dangers of […]

Smokefree Idaho presents to Ketchum City Council

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Thanks to the support of the followers in the Wood River Valley, the Ketchum city council is conducting work session to hear information about Ketchum going smokefree. While Ketchum is nearly 100% smokefree already, there is no ordinance currently in place to keep it that way. At any point, a new bar could open their […]

Pocatello hosts Smokefree Idaho training session

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Smokefree Idaho’s first volunteer training has been planned—a date is set, activities are scheduled, and snacks have been ordered.  Now all we need is you! The training will be a half-day full of fun, networking, and most importantly, learning how to answer some of the tough questions about going smokefree. Professionals from Americans for Non-Smokers […]

The Pocket in Pocatello Goes Smokefree

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Smokefree Idaho is thrilled to announce The Pocket—a popular bar in Pocatello—will be converting to a smokefree bar at the start of the New Year. Over their years in business, managing member Angelina Guzman has had employees get sick on the job, have to go home early, dread coming to work and even quit because […]

Smokefree Idaho Seeks a Mascot

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Smokefree Idaho is looking for a mascot—a cheerleader that will be able to travel around the state supporting business that go smokefree and meeting smokefree supporters.  To find the perfect character, Smokefree Idaho is reaching out to its followers. Facebook and Twitter friends are asked to post comments, tweets or write emails to Smokefree Idaho […]