Smokefree Idaho’s first volunteer training has been planned—a date is set, activities are scheduled, and snacks have been ordered.  Now all we need is you! The training will be a half-day full of fun, networking, and most importantly, learning how to answer some of the tough questions about going smokefree.

Professionals from Americans for Non-Smokers Rights will teach the training.  They will help to arm you with information about the dangers of secondhand smoke, understanding regarding Idaho laws and reasons why a city should become smokefree.

Games and trivia will be part of the training, including a game we like to call “Are you smarter than the local Smokefree Idaho Coordinator.”

The interactive, entertaining training will be held at Porneuf Medical Center’s Bannock Creek conference room on Friday, Feb. 1 from 9 – 1 p.m.

If interested, register for the free training through local coordinator  Kristine will ensure there are materials, seats and snacks for everyone.

All are welcome to attend, so please invite friends and family who are interested in volunteer opportunities and are passionate about a healthy community.