Get Involved

Are you interested in volunteering some of your time with Smoke Free Idaho? Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to give, your voice and your involvement can make all the difference. If you are hoping to get more involved with Smoke-Free Idaho look at some of these recommendations; sign up for the Smoke Free Idaho newsletter or sign a petition for a community currently working to implement a smoke-free law.

  • Post: The Smoke Free Idaho Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages are an easy way to show your support, learn about upcoming events, respond to trivia and share your own reasons to be smoke free
  • Share: Spread information about Smoke Free Idaho to others interested in making a difference
  • Volunteer: have some spare time and love party planning? Get together with a local coordinator or see how you can volunteer with hosting a smoke free Idaho vent
  • Connect: meet with other local volunteers or work to recruit new volunteers in your community
  • Write: Connect with your lawmaker on the issues that matter most.