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Art Contest: From Coaster to Coaster

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Smokefree Idaho is looking for a fun and creative way to spread the word about the dangers of secondhand smoke, to applaud the organizations that have gone smokefree, and to inform others about the resources available through Smokefree Idaho.  What better way to accomplish each of these than to host a design competition where artistic […]

Miss Teen Idaho’s Biggest Fan

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What a great night for Stinky! While attending Idaho Falls’ Dancing with the Stars (kickoff event for Relay for Life), he met local celebrate Miss Teen Idaho Ashtyn Mooso. Miss Mooso graciously posed with her biggest fan before attending the event. Stinky may have a new crush!  

Smokefree Idaho Seeks a Mascot

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Smokefree Idaho is looking for a mascot—a cheerleader that will be able to travel around the state supporting business that go smokefree and meeting smokefree supporters.  To find the perfect character, Smokefree Idaho is reaching out to its followers. Facebook and Twitter friends are asked to post comments, tweets or write emails to Smokefree Idaho […]

Going Smokefree

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After taking a few months to breathe the smoke free air in Boise’s bars…we are at it again! We’ve heard from so many people, including bar workers in different cities throughout the state, who saw Boise go smoke free and want the same for their community we just can’t rest on our laurels enjoying the […]