Air quality in Pocatello bars is “very unhealthy”.  Bars that still allow smoking in Pocatello, Idaho are a dangerously hazardous environment for bar workers and patrons. In June through August of 2013 air quality testing was conducted at 13 different restaurants and bars in Pocatello, Idaho.

The results of this study show a dramatic difference between the six locations sampled that allow smoking versus the seven that provide a smokefree work environment.  Employees and patrons in these bars were exposed to air pollution levels 4.4 times higher than safe levels established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Smokefree Idaho worked in collaboration with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute for the study. The results reflected what was originally hypothesized—secondhand smoke in enclosed areas is dangerous. It is clear implementing smokefree policies are an effective and powerful way to protect the health of workers.

To ensure the air in smoking bars was not merely a reflection of general pollution in Pocatello, the data collected from smoking bars was compared to air samples collected outdoors.  The study showed the level of fine particle air pollution inside smoking Pocatello bars is 22 times higher than outdoor air in Idaho and 34 times higher than the locations with no observed smoking.