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Speak Up for Pocatello Workers

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There is overwhelming support for clean, smoke-free indoor air in Pocatello and the Pocatello City Council needs to  hear from its residents that now is the time for a smokefree ordinance in Pocatello. Click here to send a message to the Mayor and City Council in support of Smokefree Pocatello. The U.S. Surgeon General made […]

Smoking is Everyone’s Problem

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Smoking is everyone’s problem. Every Idaho taxpayer’s burden from smoking caused expenses is $714 PER YEAR in government expenditures. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke, and the only effective protection is to completely eliminate indoor smoking. Even brief exposure can be harmful to health. Secondhand […]

Support Pocatello Bars who Support Smokefree Work Environments

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We appreciate the bar owners who have partnered with us in promoting smokefree workplaces for their employees.  If you headed out for a cold one please choose one of these local watering holes: The Chalk Horse Charlie’s 1st National New Pub Harmony Oasis Sandbaggers Sandtrap

Air Quality in Pocatello Bars is “Very Unhealthy”

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Air quality in Pocatello bars is “very unhealthy”.  Bars that still allow smoking in Pocatello, Idaho are a dangerously hazardous environment for bar workers and patrons. In June through August of 2013 air quality testing was conducted at 13 different restaurants and bars in Pocatello, Idaho. The results of this study show a dramatic difference between […]